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Harps in Schools Project Appeal

Help Glasbury Arts is attempting to reintroduce iconic Welsh harp playing into our Welsh schools. Catrin Finch, Patron of Glasbury Arts is supporting this appeal: “This appeal obviously rings all the right bells for me and is something I am very passionate about. It is imperative to keep our cultural traditions alive here in Wales for future generations, and it is through music and particularly the harp that we can ensure this is done.”

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From 2011 Glasbury Arts organised the only annual Harp Summer School in Wales.

Harp playing began in Wales as a simple method of people making music in their isolated communities in the 8th century and has been passed down the generations. Today, playing the harp is a very expensive activity – for a young person wanting to start, a new student harp will cost £2000+ and lessons upwards of £25 per session.

Because the UK government removed music as a core subject in the early nineties, state schools budgets for music was no longer a legal requirement  and as a result most children in state schools do not have the chance to try playing this the national  instrument of Wales. Where harp tuition is available it means parents have to pay and even before the  economic crisis we are currently going through, the majority of parents could not do so.

As well as sustaining our harp summer school, we want to see if we can make harp playing available to a wider community of young people, irrespective of their financial backgrounds or personal vulnerabilities by establishing a Harps in Schools Project in three of our local state schools. We already have an established project in Gwernyfed High School, and we want to find the money to add projects to Clyro Church in Wales Primary School and Penmaes Special School, which provides specialist education for pupils aged 3-19 with a wide range of additional learning needs a group who are always forgotten.

We are asking for your help to develop our Harps in Schools appeal to maintain an important part of Welsh culture, as well as provide creative opportunities for the young people in our three schools, and in time well beyond our part of Wales.

Donations can be as small or as large as you can manage and if you are an income tax payer you can increase the amount (without any cost to you) by 25% if you Gift Aid your contribution.

If you are reading this on our website just click on one of the ‘Donate’ buttons above and follow the directions. For further information call the Glasbury Arts General Enquiry Line 07583 544110. Alternatively, if you have or know of someone who has a harp not being used please consider whether you or they might let us have it on a long-term loan.