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Harp Summer School 2023

Harp Summer School Feedback

At the end of August, we completed another successful Harp Summer School with higher numbers and excitingly for the first time had 11 beginners, 9 of whom were all from local schools connected to our local Harps in Schools project. We are already planning next years Harp Summer School which will be held from 21 to 24 August so pencil this into your diary and we will be announcing the full details towards the end of this year.

Glasbury Arts Harp Summer School 2023 Tutorial Team

Eleri Darkins, (Co-director of Music) Adriano Sangineto, (From Milan), Alis Huws (current Royal Harpist), Manon Browning (Co-director of Music) and Emily Harris (Tutor for Beginners).